My new inspiration!

If you click the link⬇️ bellow I predict that you will feel similar to what I am feeling currently.
I heard this song, then watched the video. And to me it is inspiring. It clearly describes what most females feel and go through. I think it is important that everyone, (male or female) feel good and confident about themselves. I think it’s important everyone realizes that you don’t have to change for anyone. The only opinion that truly matters is yours.
I hope you get as inspired, motivated, and encouraged as I did after watching a video like the one bellow!
Have an amazing end of the summer!


Be Inspired

Inspiration is a force of influence.
Everyday we are inspired to do things! Today I had a very interesting experience. It was an experience than I will never forget. An experience that will guide me and inspire me for the rest of my life!
I met someone today. This man showed me so much. He didn’t even realize how much his actions presently mean to me. He taught me that as a person I deserve respect. That I shouldn’t just go around allowing anyone to speak or treat me anyway. He made me realize that I am worthy and I am someone who deserves the best.
I am so very thankful for the 3 minute conversation I had with this man. This experience taught two things.
One; I am worthy of so much more than I thought. I deserve the best and I should never tolerate anything that is not the best for me as a person.
Two; the simplest things and the most unexpected things can make the biggest impact on you and inspire you!


Don’t let fear push you away from your goals.
From your passion.
From your needs.
From your love.
From everything.
Conquer it.
Take advantage of it.
Use it, to make you strong.
The quote: “Fear doesn’t shut you down; it wakes you up,” is a beautiful quote by author of the divergent series, Veronica Roth. These books have made such a difference in my life! They have made me realize what’s important and what’s not. They helped me to see some things that were blurry, but now I can confirm that everything is crystal clear. I try to make the best out of everything..and that is what life is all about!!!
~ĸⅇⅇǷ ßⅇɪℕɢ yօʊ ɑℕƊ օℕℒy yօʊ~

Stand Up, Be Strong, Put An End To This Nonsense!

Everyone knows what it feels like to be made fun of! Maybe it was something you said, or the way you said it. It could be something stupid like a question in math class. What ever you were mad fun for, it wasn’t right. No one should ever make anyone else feel bad. A wise person once said, “treat people the way you want to be treated!”
What is a bully? Bully: (n.) person who uses strength or power to harm or intimidate those who are weaker. Even if you are laughing along with the crowd. Maybe you’re just watching, YOU’RE STILL JUST AS GUILTY!
I witness bullying everyday. I have finally decided enough is enough! Why should I, or anyone have to sit there and listen to people make fun of me or my friends. Today I achieved something so meaningful. I stood up for what I believed in.
So, what should you do? SUPPORT THE CAUSE. People kill themselves because of silly things that are said. Things that don’t even make sense to us when we think about it. So, whether you are the bully, being bullied, or a bystander… Get UP! Put an end to this nonsense! All it takes is one less person to keep this poison from spreading. No one should have to ever doubt themselves or feel insecure. Everyone should be able to be who they are without being judged. And truthfully, I know it’s a long shot. Trying to put a big an end to people getting hurt. The sad truth is, it will always be there. There will always be that one person that will start a silly rumor. Or someone who has to mention your bad hair day. Someone that is jealous… But the one this you can do, is stand up and smile! Stand up tall and be proud of you are. NEVER LET ANYONE OR ANYTHING CHANGE THE PERSON YOU ARE.
When you see someone being bullied, made fun of, a rumor sprouting… put an end to it! And if you’re on the other end of the stick, show everyone whose boss. Who doesn’t care what anyone says or thinks. Because you are the best you can be, and that is indestructible!
~ĸⅇⅇǷ ßⅇɪℕɢ yօʊ ɑℕƊ օℕℒy yօʊ~

One Word Resolutions

We have approached the New Year! I am so happy to finally be in 2014.
Everyone knows about New Year Resolutions. Such as, drop 30lbs, be more easy going, etc.
This year I decided to try something new! It’s called the one word resolution. You pick one word that will help you accomplish the goals you set for yourself. This one word will be the key to a great year. Whenever you need something to assure you to keep going, you can look at your one word.
My one word for 2014 is success! I want to be able to always try my hardest at everything and my one word will be able to keep me going.
The creator of this brilliant idea is Mike Ashcraft.
This is a great way to avoid those one month resolutions!
If you are having trouble picking your one word try: looking in, looking up, and look out.
When you look in you are looking in your heart. Listening for something you truly want to work on this year!
When you look up, it is almost like a confirmation from God that this word is a good choice for you.
Then when you look out you carry out your one word in your everyday life!
Try this! All you need is to pick one word that will inspire you for one year!
After you pick your word make sure you put it in places that will always remind you to keep living through your one word!
Good luck and Happy New Year!
~ĸⅇⅇǷ ßⅇɪℕɢ yօʊ ɑℕƊ օℕℒy yօʊ~

It’s That Time Of The Year Again!

December is finally here! It’s the Holiday season!!! When I think of this season the first thing that comes to my mind is family! Family is honestly the best part about these holidays. We all get to come together and show our love to each other through different generous actions!
I just wanted to remind everyone to do a little extra this month! Take that extra step to make someone smile!!!!! Help someone get that warm and fuzzy feeling inside. Complement a family member on their new Christmas sweater. Even if you think it is the ugliest thing ever manufactured. It is such a small and simple thing to do and will make you feel so good inside too.
I hope everyone has a great holiday with your families!!!! happy holidays
~ĸⅇⅇǷ ßⅇɪℕɢ yօʊ ɑℕƊ օℕℒy yօʊ~

Confidence: belief in yourself


(n) Faith or belief that one will act in a right, proper, or effective way.

Confidence is a very important quality to obtain. When you lack confidence u allow people to walk all over you. Life seems easier. When you have confidence you believe in yourself. You usually don’t care what other people think about the actions you choose.
I feel that confidence allows the human being to be stronger. When someone speaks about you behind their back you don’t mind as much. You think to yourself, “I love myself for who I am.. I don’t need to listen to anyone!” Sometimes life is better with this kind of attitude.
However I have found that I have lost many friends by having confidence. I am a leader. The things people say about me usually don’t bother me. Sometimes people do not like that they aren’t in control at that moment.
When you have confidence you prosper majorly. And sometimes if you want to succeed you must pay a price. You have to choose between friendship or success. And at this point is where the confidence would kick in! But, sometimes we can be luck enough to find true friends that love and accept you for who you are!

~ĸⅇⅇǷ ßⅇɪℕɢ yօʊ ɑℕƊ օℕℒy yօʊ~

Love Yourself

Instead of paying attention to everyone around you and what they think of you…think of yourself! Think of who you are! Because deep down inside you are an amazing person! It’s hard for a lot of people to accept themselves for who they are! Just always remember there is someone out there who loves you for who you are! And they will always love you no matter what! So, put your foot down…show that you could care less about what people think! Show that you love and respect yourself! Because in the end, all that matters is who you choose to be!
тʜɑɴĸs ғօʀ ʀєɑԀɪɴɢ!
~ĸєє℘ ßєɪɴɢ ʏօʊ ɑɴԀ օɴʟʏ ʏօʊ~


Do you ever ask yourself why someone would wear that? Why would someone post that? Why would someone treat others like that?
Today’s topic is about attention seekers. These kind of people are just people that want others to feel bad for them and their imaginary problems. Now I could be wrong. Sometimes people do have real issues then seek attention for it. But, to be honest I despise attentions seekers. If you don’t know what an attention seeker looks like:

Now it may be funny, but that is seriously what they do. They practically make fun of themselves in front of everyone with an expectation of compliments and people telling them that they are perfect. It could be a psychological problem. Because honestly I don’t understand who would act in any way to show that they don’t love themselves. That they don’t think highly of themselves. Instead they show that they look down on themselves and act ashamed of who they are. I pray for those people. Because in my opinion acting in a way that hurts yourself is just as bad as cutting yourself. Like for example: that website it is a website where people anonymously ask questions. Or as I call it a website where you just practically crucified yourself. People get majorly bullied on there. They tolerate stupid things from stupid people. I’ve never asked a question nor been asked one.
If you’re an attention seeker and reading this. Say to yourself, why do I say the things I do? Why do I act the way I do? Once you figure it out you take the rest of your recovery steps from there.
I may act all serious about this but, to be honest I have two opinions on this. I make fun of the people that attention seek, yet at the same time while I am realizing that making fun of them at the moment is wrong, I feel bad for them. I wonder that behind that online profile, do they really feel that way about themselves?
I think there are two types of attentions seekers.
One that is just down right a gold digging, nasty, poor slob that seeks attention from their unfortunate feature that they pretend to hate.
The other, really feels down about them self and for some apparent reason wants to show it to everyone.
I pray for both. So should you! We will pray together that what ever is going on in that demonic mind of their’s that they, fix it and…

(:тʜɑɴĸs ғօʀ ʀєɑԀɪɴɢ!
~ĸєє℘ ßєɪɴɢ ʏօʊ ɑɴԀ օɴʟʏ ʏօʊ~